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Val S. Lobanoff - Centrifugal Pumps Desig & Application [2da Ed.]

When Val and I decided to collaborate and write the first edition, our goal was to produce an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, practical textbook stressing hydraulic design, that could be of hands-on use to the pump designer, student, and rotating equipment engineer. Although feedback from readers indicates that we achieved our desired goal, we did recognize that we had omitted several important topics. We had said little about the design of chemical pumps and touched only lightly on the extensive range of composite materials and the manufacturing techniques used in nonmetallic pump applications. We had totally ignored the subject of mechanical seals, yet we fully recognized that a knowledge of seal fundamentals and theory of operation is essential to the pump designer and rotating equipment engineer. Another major omission was the subject of vibration and noise in centrifugal pumps. With today's high energy pumps operating at ever increasing speeds, it is essential that we understand the sources of pump noise and causes of vibration that result from installation, application,cavitation, pulsation, or acoustic resonance.
Although we had touched lightly on rotor dynamics, we felt this subject deserved to be expanded, particularly in the areas of bearing stiffness and damping, seal effects, and the evaluation of critical speed calculations.
Finally, we had said nothing about the knowledge necessary to extend pump life during installation and operation, which requires a deep understanding of bearings, lubrication, mechanical.
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